I am Afolabi Adetutu Ibironke, a pharmacist cum entrepreneur and the Executive Director at Wellness Healthcare Group, A charismatic people lover and with an innate drive and passion for excellence. My hobbies include, but are not limited to, reading, research, meeting people and travelling.Having run my business for over a decade, I thrive on expanding horizons and testing limits to create values for maximum productivity. Dynamism is second nature to me and this informs my zeal to constantly pursue excellence and ensure set goals and objectives are met. My leadership skills has helped greatly in peoples’ management as I am able to harness individuals’ best abilities into workable partnerships that bring forth hidden capacities.

I am a devoted wife, mother and a Personal Freedom Coach.


Adetutu Afolabi

About me

Everybody experience fear and expresses fear but the courageous people are the ones that choose to act in spite of their fears.

Coach Adetutu

Ties that Binds

" To be successful in marriage is for both parties to intentionally burn the bridge or boat that took them to where they are. The two options should be win or win. "

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